THE BASE Outdoor Rentals

THE BASE Outdoor Rentals is a locally owned and operated outdoor equipment rental company with a mission to create a new sustainable standard for tourism. They specialize in renting camping/backpacking gear and winter clothing to support your client’s adventures in the Yukon. All that’s needed to enjoy the great outdoors is the right gear at an affordable price. Simply order online and your client’s rental gear will be delivered to their hotel upon their arrival. Airport service is also available at an additional cost.

To serve guests better and with even more space for rental items, BASE are switching to a DELIVERY-ONLY based business starting in the 2021/2022 Winter Season.

Even though they won't have a physical location for walk-in customers anymore, they will continue to offer the same friendly and professional services. This will also be one of the best ways to keep everyone safe during this challenging time.


Bookings can be made online at or by email at

*Please note that their phone number (867-334-3282) and email address remain the same.

News & Events

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