PCR Testing for Departing Visitors

Some countries require travellers to undergo a PCR test before returning to their country of origin.

  • PCR tests are available at Hummingbird Mobile Health in downtown Whitehorse.
  • Tests results are available within 24 hours and are internationally recognized.
  • Bookings are required. 

Hummingbird Mobile Health has a physician consultant who signs off on the appropriate paperwork that the other national government require in addition to the test result. They provide this document in addition to a travel certificate (hard copy/email).

Travellers will need to book their test here:

They will be asked to complete some questions and indicate that a PCR test is required.


Will all visitors be able to have PCR testing in Whitehorse and have a test result within 24 hours?
Yes, RT-PCR testing is available in Whitehorse and can produce results within 24hrs of collection time.

Will the test result be considered as official result (recognized internationally)?
Yes, we have provided this type of testing for persons travelling to certain countries without any issues. Our machine is approved by Health Canada and is recognized as an acceptable testing method (molecular, NAAT).

How long will the testing take?
The collection takes about 15-20min, the processing time for results takes about 2hrs. We try to process within 6hrs of collection time to maximize time in the event of any errors, such as inconclusive (not enough sample collected) results that may require re-collection.

How much does the test cost?
PCR testing costs $299.25 CDN inclusive of GST. A $50 deposit is taken at the time of booking and is applied to the total cost once the procedure is complete.

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