About the Yukon

The Yukon is one of the last pristine wilderness areas left on earth. With a rich cultural heritage, fascinating gold rush history, legendary road trips, breathtaking scenery in every direction, trails to hike and rivers to paddle, all wrapped up with our warm Northern hospitality, this is a place your clients will love. Oh, and did we mention the glorious midnight sun and magical northern lights which are such a bucket list item for so many travellers?

Why Sell the Yukon?

The Yukon is an unspoiled destination that offers outstanding adventure opportunities and fascinating cultural experiences. We look forward to working with you to ensure your success in offering the Yukon as a top-of-mind travel destination.

Where is the Yukon?

One of three Canadian territories, the Yukon is situated in the northwest corner of Canada's continental mainland. It lies above the Canadian province of British Columbia and its northern shoreline is the Arctic Ocean. Alaska is to the west and the Northwest Territories is to the east.


We offer something for every client, whether it’s marveling at the Northern Lights, experiencing the Midnight Sun, or hitting the road on an iconic drive. Visitors can also explore our Klondike Gold Rush history, enjoy our rich heritage and culture, or disconnect from the world for a while in our stunning wilderness.

Getting Here and Around

Getting to the Yukon is easy with direct flights from several Canadian cities and seasonal service from Frankfurt, Germany. You can also get here by road from British Columbia, Alberta or Alaska, or via the coast, on a cruise or by the Alaska Marine Highway. Once here, exploring the Yukon is a breeze with guided tours, regional air services and RV and car rentals available from Whitehorse.


When is the best time to visit? What are the temperatures? Do cell phones work in the Yukon? What should clients bring for their Yukon trip? Find the answers you need here.