Flying Into the Aurora with Air North

For Yukoners, there is a spiritual connection to the Aurora and the feeling of being a part of something much larger than us all. When one looks to the sky and gazes upon the dancing greens and pinks, they are struck with its beauty and awe.

Air travel has also long been a source of fascination and wonder, allowing people to travel vast distances quickly and efficiently. Air North, Yukon’s Airline quickly realized that there was a way to create a flight experience more remarkable than people have ever dreamt. Enter the Air North Aurora Viewing Charter, an exclusive service that flies guests into the Aurora Borealis.

In September, Air North welcomed a group of travelers from Japan, care of Hankyu Travel and Maple Fun Tours, to experience an exquisite Aurora viewing tour in the beautiful wilderness city of Whitehorse, Yukon.

After taking off and rising above the clouds, Captain Richardson and First Officer Verhulst quickly got to work searching for the Aurora. From the moment they were spotted, the Aurora continued to increase in intensity for hours. Guests watched in silence and amazement not expecting to be more dazzled by each minute that passed. Being in the sky amongst the ballet of coloured lights was thrilling beyond imagination. 

Air North's Aurora Viewing Charter is the epitome of luxury air travel and allowed passengers to explore the world on their own terms. This elegant and unique flight experience provided memories that will last a lifetime.

Air North, Yukon’s Airline takes great comfort in building relationships with travelers who hold a deep connection to the world around them. Air North eagerly looks forward to our upcoming Aurora viewing tours and sharing the beauty of Yukon with the world.

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