Going Wild in the Yukon

One of the Yukon’s premiere attractions, the Yukon Wildlife Preserve is the only facility of its kind North of 60. Visitors can get up close and personal with some of the north’s most iconic species including moose, lynx, caribou, musk ox and sheep. The animals are protected and cared for but free to roam their natural habitat in this largely untouched wilderness area.

Your guests can choose from a menu of unique and safe wild experiences that are made for everyone – scheduled and flexible group options; private and personalized tours through their Exclusive Experience tours and behind the scenes tours to learn about wildlife rehabilitation.

Have a client who loves photography? Then they’ll love the new VIP Photo Adventure Tour which will get them face to face with northern wildlife.

Also new in 2022 are kicksled rentals - a unique way to experience the Preserve in winter.

Open year round, the Preserve is easily explored at your own pace and every season has something to offer. Whether its grabbing that once in a lifetime shot of a moose tromping through a marsh surrounded by boreal forest, or cruising past mountain goats scaling snowy cliffs, every visitor will enjoy making connections with the people and animals in this real-life interactive learning experience.

Your Yukon tour operator partners can assist you with Yukon Wildlife Preserve packages. If you need help finding a tour operator to work with, contact your Tourism Yukon rep who can connect you.

Be inspired by the captivating stories and stunning visuals at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve website.



Image credit: Yukon Wildlife Preserve

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