Tourism Yukon Trade Staff – RVC 2017

Tourism Yukon has welcomed a few changes to its Trade staff in the past year. You will find both new and familiar faces at RVC 2017 in Calgary.

Mr. Yas Yamamoto is now the Market Manager, Asia-Pacific. Yas joined Tourism Yukon in February 2017. As the newest member to the team, Yas now manages market development in Australia, Japan, China and Korea with the knowledge, experience and skill he gained from his previous work with several tourism bureaus and tour operators. Yas has relocated and now lives in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Ms. Jessica Ruffen has stepped into the Market Manager, Europe position, moving over from her previous role managing the Asia-Pacific files since 2013. Jessica is grateful for everything she learned through her Asia-Pacific experiences and looks forward to fostering partnerships with new industry colleagues. Jessica’s energy is now focused on German-Speaking Europe, the UK, Netherlands and France.

Mr. Stephen Reynolds continues to act in the role of Marketing Specialist, Trade; managing Tourism Yukon’s North America Trade relationships as well as South American and Latin American Trade and Media files.

The Tourism Yukon Trade Team is rounded out by our General Sales Agents (GSAs):

Mr. Holger Bergold - German Speaking Europe

Ms. Della Tully - United Kingdom

Ms. Karin Gomes - Benelux

Mr. Ray Lane - Australia

Ms. Yuka Takahashi - Japan

Ms. Edith Bélanger - France

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